Friday, December 11, 2015

OKC Train Show

Well I went up to the Oklahoma Train Show this past weekend. My wife joined me for this annual pilgrimage to this train show. I had a great time seeing some old friends and meeting up with some manufacturers. They had moved building this year because the old building was torn down and rebuilt. To me it seem like a smaller show and not as many people, maybe a larger area so everybody had more room , I don't know.

Ran into my friend Joe Steimann who owns Weathering Solutions at their booth. They make some great weathering decals for people check them out. We caught up on some small talk and he showed me some things he is working on. I purchased this new graffiti set from him, always looking for something cool

Walked by another vender and ran across this map book I had been looking for.

Next stop was Soundtraxx Booth, nothing new. Talked to them about the new Economi decoder and found out the difference. I guess Im sticking with Tsunami until the next generation become available, from what they said it in the works, will see how long this takes.

Checked out InterMountain Booth and talked to them about the new FWWR SD40-2 and when they might be available , they were hoping very soon.

Went by Spring Creek Booth and purchased some new ExactRail cars for me.

I really like these highly detailed cars. I may start selling off a bunch of cars that I don't need and start replacing some with these kind of cars.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ft Worth Opperations Day

Well I sign up for the First annual Ft Worth Operations Day and had a great time. Operated on some new layouts for me and meet some new friends.

I traveled to Decatur, TX to operate on Dean Ferris's Oregon Joint Line for the morning session. This is a large N-Scale layout located in a room above his garage.

The Oregon Joint Line is a joint NP/GN mainline through the mountains and canyons of eastern Oregon connecting the Pacific Northwest with California. The layout, which is set in 1969 just prior to the BN merger, has plenty of pool power from the connecting California roads (WP, SP, and ATSF). Most heavy trains (freights are typically 22-28 cars long) receive helpers for the shove up the 2.2% grade to the summit at Snowline. A forest products shortline, the "Oregon & Northeastern", switches the Hines Lumber pulp/plywood complex and makes log runs out to Canyon Reload. The major terminal area has three yards (NP, GN, and the O&NE) with plenty of transfer/interchange activity and industrial switching.

Ran a couple of trains and learned to use track warrants for the first time. I was having too much fun operating, that  I didn't take a lot of pictures here are a few.

After getting done around noon headed to Keller, TX to operate on Greg McComas Michigan Interstate Railroad. This was a small layout in one of his bedrooms.

Here are some Photos.


On Sunday I was able to work on the layout some more and got most of the bench work done for the new island.

Monday, September 28, 2015

End of Summer

Its been a quit summer with some progress to the layout. Been slow with other things to do but some changes are being implemented. In Sept went to the St Louis RPM meet and had a blast, but being a 10 hour drive had lots of time to myself reflecting on what going on with the layout. I have been dragging my feet on getting the final peninsula added.

I just wasn't happy with the Brewery part of the layout, great industry but from a operating aspect a logistical nightmare, huge peninsula, hard to reach a lot of the tracks, just a giant pain in the ass. So after working on the trackplan came up with some changes. I got rid of the brewery and added track work from across the tracks, might add the brewery as a backdrop scene.
 Updated track plan:

So let the demolition begin. started by removing all track work in effected areas and removed peninsula that was changed:

Starting adding adding new roadbed and working on the new peninsula.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Need to update

Hadn't realized it's been almost a year with no activity so a update is needed. This past February I spent the weekend up in Tulsa OK at there annual Operations Event. This made me realize I really need to get off my butt and get back to working on the railroad even a little bit.

So after cleaning off the railroad a little bit of painting was done. Makes a difference to the layout now looks like soil instead of the ceiling tiles.

Then the rails were painted:

All track feeders in this room have been installed and structure are being planned and building them will start soon so scenery can ca-mince.

Also working on Motive Power and cars.

I have purchased a Athearn Genesis GP7u that will be stripped and repainted to represent FWWR 1500.

Also got a Athearn Genesis GP38 that will be stripped and repainted to represent FWWR 2007:

Lots of stuff to get to before I go to the St Louis RPM meet in August.

Hope to do more updates this year. Good bye for now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vacation at Everman

Last week I took a little vacation for myself. Wednesday I drove down to the FWWR main office at Hodge Yard. After going into the office and talking to some personnel about my situation and was able to talk to a dispatcher. He took a couple of minutes to answer some questions I had about the Everman area. The FWWR had created a small office down there so crew could pick up paperwork for the day.

Here it is:

Nothing like using a electrical box for a office.

I was told there were three basic jobs down there. First job he called a Hustler, take cars to Hodge Yard and returns with any cars for customers at Everman. Second comes on duty in the afternoon and starts switching job at Everman. The last comes on duty that evening and finishes switching jobs.
So I went down to Everman to see if I could chase it around.

Arrived at the yard around 3:00 pm just as Switch Job was departing yard track 707, power for today was 2011 (GP50), 2001 (GP38-3) and 2007 (GP38):

It consisted of 8 cars, 1 reefer and 7 boxcars. I'm assuming that they had already sorted their cars for for the work they were about to do, which was to switch Whirlpool and Ben E Kieth Warehouse. They shoved these cars to passing siding track 749 then took the switch to enter this area. Crossing the West Will Rodgers road crossing to start the work for Whirlpool:


Work for Whirlpool:

1. Contact Whirlpool to open roll up door so they could remove cars.
2. Took Whirlpool lead and p/u 2 cars in warehouse, take to Whirlpool run around and drop.
3. Pushed 8 cars to warehouse, leaving 7 box cars inside warehouse.
4. Uncoupled reefer from box cars, work completed.
5. With work finished contacted Whirlpool and roll up door was closed.
6. Returned to run around with reefer and coupled up to cars pulled from Whirlpool.
7. Uncoupled cars and ran around train to connect to other end of this three car train.

All this took approximately 1 hour, after this they went to switch Ben E Keith.

Work for Ben E Keith:

1. Now they pushed train to Ben E Keith, pushed past switch to drop 2 boxcars:

 2. Pull past switch with reefer for Ben E Kieth:

3. Pushed to warehouse, p/u second reefer and pushed to appropriate doors:

4. Dropped 2 cars and left site with motive power.
5. Pulled past switch and p/u 2 box cars again.
6. Shoved train back to yard, dropped 2 cars on track 709.

All this took approximately 1 hour.

I then spent some time observing then switch tank cars for Bunge Oils.

Work for Bunge Oil:

1. Made up 10 tank cars and precede to push to Bunge.
2. Pulled 2 cars from track 702, then pulled 6 from track 701.
3. Pulled these 8 cars and dropped on track 709 with the two box cars from earlier.
4. Returned to track 701 and dropped 2 cars.
5. Returned to track 702 and dropped 8 cars.
6. Returned to track 709 and p/u 8 tank cars and 2 box cars and pull train down siding to clear Bunge switches.

All this took approximately 1 1/2 hour.

That was enough for me for the day. headed home and spent the rest of my vacaton working on layout.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy 2014

Sorry folk, I know a little late to the program. It's been a little quite on the Everman Branch. Not much to tell, I've been doing a lot of Honey do's for the wife  and family visit has taken up most of the winter. Now that much of the work is complete I'm hoping for some major changes to the layout.

This past weekend traveled to Tulsa, OK for the 5th annual Layout Design and Operations Weekend.  I was able to meet up with some old friends and meet some new ones. Friday afternoon was able to go by Ken Ehlers Sn3 layout, this is a great narrow gauge layout.


Friday night was my first session, I went to Jim Sinese's Kansas City Terminal. This is a large HO scale switching layout based off of the Kansas city area.

 Saturday night I operated at my friend Sammy Carlile's Hereford Subdivision. This is a large Santa Fe mainline layout.

And finally on Sunday morning I ran on Steve Davis's KCS 3rd Subdivision. Thjs is a huge HO scale mainline layout.

Was a long but fun weekend. It also got me motivated again to get going on my own.